Number 1 in the German-speaking market - Stadelmann Exclusive is an international real estate agency with offices in Vienna, Mallorca, and Dubai. Benefit from a high-profile international network and fulfill your real estate dreams in Mallorca.


Stadelmann Exclusive offers you an exclusive real estate portfolio with carefully selected properties in Mallorca.


Villas in Mallorca embody a blend of Mediterranean elegance and modern luxury, often with breathtaking sea views. These exclusive properties offer dream retreats that showcase the beauty of the island in stunning surroundings.


Our Mallorca real estate portfolio includes a diverse range of apartments. From stylish city apartments to luxurious beachfront residences, these apartments in Mallorca offer top-notch amenities and access to the beach, culture, and culinary delights.


Authentic fincas invite you to experience the romantic atmosphere of the island. With traditional architecture and spacious plots, they offer a unique opportunity to enjoy the rural charm and relaxed atmosphere of the Balearic island.

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Our expertise extends far beyond national borders, with strategically located offices in Vienna, Dubai, and of course, on the beautiful island of Mallorca. As a renowned real estate agency in Mallorca, we are your reliable partner for a unique real estate experience that combines luxury, elegance, and first-class service. In our portfolio, you will find a curated selection of exquisite apartments, stylish villas, and charming fincas that perfectly reflect the Mediterranean way of life. Whether you're looking for a property in Mallorca as an investment or seeking an exclusive retreat, our experienced team of Mallorca real estate agents will use their expertise to make your dream of owning a property in Mallorca a reality.

With offices in Vienna and Dubai, we understand the specific needs of our international clients and will guide you through every step of the buying process. We are committed to providing you with a transparent and professional service based on mutual trust and integrity. With Stadelmann Exclusive, you will experience the fascinating world of Mallorca real estate first hand. As experienced real estate agents in Mallorca, we are here to help you realize your vision of luxurious island living, backed by our international network, local expertise and passionate commitment to outstanding properties.

Welcome to Stadelmann Exclusive, where exceptional properties in Mallorca, curated by expert real estate professionals, await you.





Sandro J. Stadelmann

Founder & CEO Stadelmann Exclusive


Sandro Julian Stadelmann has 15 years of experience in the construction and real estate industry and has established himself as one of the leading real estate agents in the German-speaking market. He successfully operates as a real estate entrepreneur in Vienna, Mallorca and Dubai. Due to his high profile from numerous appearances on TV, articles in magazines and newspapers, Mr. Stadelmann is considered the go-to real estate agent for property acquisition in Mallorca. His unique network of different service providers, agencies and international entrepreneurs offers you the ideal conditions to fulfill your dream of owning a property in Mallorca and experiencing the idyllic life on the island.






Clients in Mallorca benefit in many ways from Stadelmann Exclusive's the international network when it comes to buying and selling real estate. With offices in Vienna and Dubai, the company seamlessly combines global expertise with local market knowledge in Mallorca. This gives clients access not only to a wide range of exclusive properties, but also to an extensive international client base and business connections. Stadelmann Exclusive also offers its clients increased visibility and credibility through close relationships with renowned media outlets such as Sat1, ServusTV, SchauTV, ORF, Kronenzeitung, Kurier, NTV, Falstaff Living, Founders Magazine and many and more. Stadelmann Exclusive's expertise transcends borders, creating a unique offering that guarantees top-notch service and international reach to buyers and sellers in Mallorca.

Located in the heart of Vienna's first district, Stadelmann Exclusive offers its clients a central point for real estate consultation and top level service. The office's prime location in Vienna allows for close collaboration with local and international clients to develop customized solutions for the purchase and sale of real estate in Mallorca. The company's presence also extends to the vibrant Dubai Media City, a major business and media hub in Dubai. This position opens Mallorca clients to a wide network of business relationships that take international real estate to a new level. With strategic locations in Vienna and Dubai, Stadelmann Exclusive underscores its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in the global real estate market.





CEO Sandro J. Stadelmann is a two-time author.


Do you want to achieve high returns and acquire a property with significant appreciation potential? This book will provide you with a step-by-step guide to a safe investment and help you navigate the real estate market.


In this autobiographical, reflective, and at times refreshingly humorous book, Sandro J. Stadelmann, who became a successful entrepreneur in real estate at a young age, writes about vision, motivation, and bluntly dispels the illusion that the path to success is easy. It only becomes easy when setbacks, course corrections, unforeseen challenges, and stumbling blocks are simply seen as such.


A wide network of customers in Vienna, Mallorca, and Dubai continually utilizes our services. Customer satisfaction is our most crucial success factor.

Investment Vienna.


Sandro's tireless dedication impresses me with every deal.
He is not only a perfectionist but also a marketing genius.

- Dr. Florian Koschat


Real estate in Vienna.


Mr. Stadelmann delivers on his promises!
Precise punctuality, above-average commitment, and competence distinguish Mister Immo. I have always felt well-advised and was pleased with the swift and highly professional execution.

- Mag. Viktor Sigl, MBA
Executive Board KTM AG

Real estate Investment in Vienna


Taking every new business as a new mission to complete!
Mr. Stadelmann creates such a special culture in his field that it sets the standard very high.

- Ahmet Mesut Ersoy
CEO DenizBank AG

"There's no place as important and valuable as our home.
Stadelmann Exclusive works with and for people who have the highest standards for real estate
and are not afraid of financial investments."



Mallorca attracts people from all over the world who dream of living in paradise. If you also dream of living in a stunning property in Mallorca, then Stadelmann Exclusive Real Estate is the place for you. We make your dream come true and offer exclusive, high-quality properties on this enchanting island.

With its stunning coastline, Mediterranean lifestyle and mild climate, Mallorca is the perfect place to realize your dream of owning your own home. Whether you're looking for a mountain retreat or a beachfront property, Mallorca has something for everyone. Our experts at Stadelmann Exclusive Real Estate know the island inside out and will find the perfect property in Mallorca to suit all your needs.

Our handpicked selection of exclusive properties in Mallorca includes true architectural masterpieces and offer luxurious comfort in every aspect. From infinity pools overlooking the azure sea to spacious living areas with contemporary design, our properties embody elegance and exclusivity. Each property is thoroughly inspected by our experienced team to ensure it meets the highest standards.

At Stadelmann Exclusive Real Estate it's not just about selling property in Mallorca, it's about making dreams come true. Our personalized service means that we understand your needs and preferences and present you with properties in Mallorca that are perfect for you. We will guide you through the entire buying process and assist you every step of the way.

Owning a property in Mallorca offers not only an exclusive lifestyle, but also a prime investment opportunity. The demand for luxury properties on the island is constantly increasing and a property can be a profitable source of income when you are not on the island. This comes with many financial benefits associated with owning a property in Mallorca.

Dreams come true when you decide to own a property in Mallorca, and Stadelmann Exclusive Real Estate is here to help you every step of the way. Contact us today to make your dream of living on this paradise island a reality. Mallorca is waiting for you and we are here to pave the way.